About Crowdfunding

U & I Give is the University of Idaho's crowdfunding platform for community fundraising. Crowdfunding offers our donors a new avenue to provide support directly to schools, programs and specific projects at the university that are most meaningful to them.

University of Idaho FAQ

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a form of fundraising that relies on several small donations from a large number of people. U&I Give campaigns usually last about three weeks on our platform, but they also heavily rely on social media. 

Who can start a campaign on the U&I Give crowdfunding platform?

Students, faculty and staff can apply to create a fundraising campaign on the platform.

I have an idea for a crowdfunding project. How do I start?

Apply to create a fundraising campaign by filling out this application.

How do we evaluate applications?

First, we look at your audience size (or estimated size) and strong social media presence. Crowdfunding is most successful with a strong network and well-defined audience. Do you have active social media accounts or a newsletter you send out regularly? Do you happen to have a donor base already? Second, we look at your dollar goal in comparison to your group and audience and evaluate on a case-by-case basis. How many people will this project appeal to? If 25% of your audience will only give $5-10, will that meet your goal? We can also work with your group to develop a reachable goal - and we can always raise it if you meet it! The project needs to be specific. It's okay to need funds to keep a club or sports team operational, but there is often more success if the project is centered around something specific. If you can't think of a good center, we can help you find one. 

If you've done a campaign within the last year, we evaluate the success of that campaign. Did you reach or exceed your goal? Have you posted any updates, and if so, how many? If you ran a perks campaign, did donors receive them in a timely manner? Were donors thanked appropriately (e.g. thank-view sent in a timely manner, perks delivered, updates posted)?

I've applied. What's next?

Your application will be reviewed by the U&I Give committee. Next, a member of the Annual Giving team will contact you to set up an in-person or virtual meeting. If your campaign is approved, we will help you develop a campaign plan and launch your project.

How do I contribute to a campaign on the U&I Give website?

From the main page, click on the project you would like to support. This will take you to the project page. Next click "Give Now" and follow the prompts to complete the payment process.You can also contribute to the project by telling your friends and family about a project or by sharing the project across your social networks.

Are all applications accepted?

While we wish we could accept every application we receive, that isn't possible at this time. We typically accept 12-15 projects.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes! All donations to our projects are tax-deductible contributions to the University of Idaho Foundation. After making a donation, you will receive an e-receipt.

Are contributions returned if a campaign does not reach its stated fundraising goal?

No, all funds raised will be applied to the stated fundraising purpose. If a project becomes impractical or impossible to implement, funds will be used in the spirit of the original purpose of the project.



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