Sitka Deer

Supporting a strong future for Sitka black-tailed deer through research and outreach

Sitka Deer

Help support our work on deer in Southeast Alaska

Sitka black-tailed deer are a key species economically, ecologically, and culturally in the temperate rainforests of North America. These deer are very tough, living their lives in the harsh conditions of the Alaskan wild. But they are also vulnerable to habitat loss, severe weather, and predation. And they are the least-studied of all mule deer sub-species, and one of the least studied large mammals in North America. Help support our work to do much-needed research on these iconic and mysterious deer, which will help drive sustainable management of these amazing animals going forward.


Our research priorities

Our research priorities for these mysterious forest deer are:

  • How does landscape change and habitat loss impact migratory vs. resident deer, and what is the importance of migration to the overall deer population?
  • How do different forest restoration tools affect deer forage, deer behavior, and predation risk?
  • Now and in the future, how do unpredictable environments, including winter severity and salmon returns, affect the deer population?

With your help, we will move the needle on research and sustainable management of these amazing deer and their rainforest habitat.

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