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MOSS: Science in Action

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October 29, 2019

Hello, Team MOSS!


Thank you all. Together we have reached the $4000 mark. That is 8 sensor kits! We have an if/then scenario going to see if we can get two more! \


If we can get over $5000 today, then I will go jump in the lake! It will be recorded and shared. 


So keep spreading the word and thank you for your support.



~ Gary

Your contribution could impact the lives of thousands of youth!

October 25, 2019

Hello, Team MOSS,


I wanted to share with you the impact of your gift with the words of our Director, Dr. Karla Eitel.


At MOSS, we believe that we're all born with the tools to do science -- our five senses and our ability to think and ask questions are at the heart of this. But science tools like water quality testing equipment allow us to extend our senses in ways that can deepen investigations and allow us to ask different questions. We like to introduce these tools as a means to answer questions that matter to our communities. The tools are not an end in themselves, but they can help our young participants to explore their identity as scientists while asking meaningful questions. If you are able to support us in this work know that your contribution will go far. We reach more than 3000 kids each year; we do the best we can to steward our resources so that our equipment lasts for many years. Your contribution could impact the lives of thousands of youth."


...thousands of lives, how cool is that? So, THANK YOU for your gifts and let others know our story as well.  


You can share with them either the link to this campaign,, or share with them this recent story about our work:, found on our website.




Gary S Thompson






$7000 in 7 days!

October 22, 2019


Thank you all for the support and continuous effort in our crowdfunding campaign. We are working on getting the final $7000 in the next 7 days and we need your help. Keep spreadingt he word and sharing your MOSS story. Tell friends and family, why you believe in MOSS.  


The photo below is one of my reasons. It comes from an assessment work that we did a few years back. It explored the concept of sciecne identity.


We asked students to draw a scientist on day one of the program. On day five we ask the exact same question. After a week at MOSS using their senses, observational skills and reliable data collection technology, the students started to see themselves as scientists! 



MOSS: Science in Action

October 09, 2019

Hello and thank you for supporting our MOSS students.


In the 20 years since our program began. We have sought to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, natural resource managers, and educators by providing immersive and engaging, hands-on learning experiences for K12 students across the state of Idaho. The first step in our next 20 years of service is to purchase some new equipment. Updating our current science equipment will allow us to continue to transform lives with innovative and engaging educational experiences.


We are calling the campaign “MOSS: Science in Action” Throughout this fundraising effort, we will show the equipment that your gift supports and how the students will use it. 


Thank you for thinking of us and supporting our mission. 


Gary S Thompson

McCall Outdoor Science School


PS - As a THANK YOU for your support of MOSS, you will be receiving our MOSS STICKER! (Actual size is 2 inches in diameter)



Choose a giving level



These tools help students to measure an angle across a distance. Useful outcomes include estimating a tree's size or measuring the slope of a snowy hillside.


Snow Science Kit

A donation at this level helps us buy one snow science kit. Each kit has the tools to connect students to the science of our Idaho snowpack. We need 10 of these. Kits Include: - Snow Crystal Card has 3 textured grids for examining snow crystals and doubles as an inclinometer. - Magnifier X20 for viewing snow crystals up close. - 100 cm Folding Ruler for documenting a snow pit with precision. - Dial Stem Thermometers to document the snowpack's temperature.


Pair of Snow Shoes

A donation of $75 will buy one pair of snowshoes for our young scientists. Winter is an amazing season in McCall and a great time to explore the natural world. Your gift will give another student solid "footing" to investigate snow science, winter ecology and to enjoy our incredible winter environment.



Gifts of $100 help us buy new densiometers, which helps our students measure the amount of canopy cover provided by the trees growing around them. We need 5.


LQ Stream

A donation of $200 will buy one Vernier LabQuest Stream. This is a device that allows multiple sensors to transmit data to a tablet via Bluetooth signal. This will allow students to increase the amount of data they collect in their inquiries. We are hoping to fundraise for 10 of these.


Pelican Case

Your donation of $300 will provide us with one Pelican Case and padding to protect our data collection equipment(sensor kits, iPad minis, etc) for many years to come. We are seeking to fundraise for 10 of these.


iPad Mini

A donation of $400 will buy one iPad Mini for our young scientists. The mini will serve as the primary interface between the students and the data they collect in the field. We are hoping to raise enough funds for 10 iPad minis.


Sensor Kit

A donation of $500 will allow us to purchase one sensor kit. This kit includes the sensors that measure dissolved oxygen, temperature, turbidity, pH and nitrate/phosphate concentrations. Our goal of 10 kits will update the gear for every group in the field.


Pair of Mighty Scopes

A donation of $750 will buy a pair of Mighty Scopes. These incredible tools connect via Bluetooth to our tablets. An entire group of students can see the same magnified image at once. We are hoping to raise enough funds to purchase two.

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