Your support made a BIG difference.

December 09, 2020

Click on the video link below to learn about the MOSS Day program experience Hear from the teachers, students and parents and discover the difference that your support has made.


What do the parents say? 


“We are so grateful for the opportunity for our son to be engaged in a day program that is safe, meaningful, and educational.  He LOVES his MOSS days and looks forward to attending every other day.  We also appreciate you collaborating with MDSD and Harlows for safe, reliable transportation options, giving us the peace of mind needed during these uncertain times of Covid-19 restrictions.  THANK YOU!  :0)” - Kim Arrasmith


*Stay tuned for updates about the MOSS Day Program session starting in January.*


Off to a great start!

October 02, 2020

Thank you all for your support and participation in our fall drive to secure scholarship funds for the MOSS Day Program. We were able to reach our goal and the program is off to a fantastic start. Stay tuned for more updates as we enjoy October. 



Thank you to the Payette Lakes Progressive Club

September 21, 2020

We want to thank the Payette Lake Progressive Club for their generous pledge of $2000 in scholarship funding. That support will not only directly support scholarship students, it also activates a match of $5400 by the McCall Rotary Foundation. What a great Monday! 


Thank you all for coming together to support our students and their families. 


~ The Team at MOSS


Off to a great start!

September 21, 2020

Hello, All,

Its the first day of MOSS in the fall of 2020! Thank you for helping to make it all happen. Sudent drop off this morning went well and we appreciate the help and management by Harlow's Bus Service.  After checking in the students met their field instructors and found the outdoor classrooms assigned to their field groups. Thank you for making this opportunity happen for so many students and their families. 


~ The Team at MOSS



MOSS Day Program Scholarships Funds will complete its matching challenge!

September 14, 2020

Remember, in this equation, $9,095 equals $14,495! 


With our current gifts totaling $7595, we are almost through our matching challenge offered by the McCall Rotary Foundation. Keep up the great work and help us get to $9,095. Once our funds reach this level they automatically grow to $14,495. 


We almost have enough for 16 scholarships! 


Thank you all and thank you McCall Rotary Foundation.


Each gift will make a difference and change the fall for a student and their family. 



McCall Rotary Foundation offers $5400 in matching Funds!

September 11, 2020

The McCall Rotary Foundation has offered $5400 in match funding for our scholarship efforts. So, if we can fundraise for 6 more scholarships they will support an additional 6! The match deal began with our total at $3695. Let's raise another $9,095 and we can automatically jump all the way to $14,495. That will be enough for 16 scholarships.


Please spread the word and know that for the time being each dollar raised will be worth two! Our mission is to transform the lives of individuals and communities through innovative research and educational experiences. Thank you to the McCall Rotary Foundation for helping us to do just that!





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