Apparel, Textile and Design Senior Capstone Showcase

Supporting Apparel, Textiles & Design Students at the University of Idaho

Apparel, Textile and Design Senior Capstone Showcase

Senior Capstone Showcase

The Apparel, Textiles and Design (ATD) program prepares students to find careers in the fast-paced, highly competitive apparel industry. The culmination of their studies is the Senior Capstone Showcase, where seniors show off their designs to the University of Idaho and Moscow community. Help support ATD students in showing the senior capstone projects and give to the Senior Capstone Showcase fund.

Erika Iiams ATD Design Capstone Scholarship

The Erika Iiams ATD Design Capstone Scholarship Fund provides ATD Design Capstone student(s) who show potential to plan and complete their final collection on time with additional funding resources to help cover the costs of materials associated with completing their final apparel collections.

Your support helps to keep this scholarship going to support ATD students in memory of Erika's passion for teaching.

About Erika Iiams

Erika Iiams was a member of the Apparel, Textiles, and Design faculty from 2009 to 2018. Erika taught the Senior Design Capstone course and evolved it into a rigorous design course with emphasis on public display first through the Moscowrade events and later through events hosted by ATD. She taught the Introduction to Apparel and the Fashion Industry freshman-level course and gave incoming students a strong foundation for later coursework. Her patternmaking knowledge was extensive and innovative, and she shared her enthusiasm for pattern solutions with students and colleagues. She reinvigorated interest in the Leila Old Historic Costume Collection by serving as its curator, teaching the Collections Management course, and mounting several displays at the Third Street Gallery and the Moscow Multimodal Transit Center. Erika passed away on Sunday, June 14, 2020, after a lengthy but valiant battle with cancer. Before departing, she funded a scholarship to help ATD Senior Design students complete their Senior Collections.

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