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Women's Center 50th Anniversary

Working for Gender Equity Since 1972.

Women's Center 50th Anniversary

Founded in 1972, the University of Idaho's Women's Center is one of the longest-running, continuously operated campus-based women’s centers in the United States! For almost 50 years, we’ve been advocating for gender justice by providing innovative ways for students, staff, faculty and local community members to learn more about social justice and enjoy a safe, comfortable place to gather, interact and study. True to our founding mission, we're continuing to facilitate exceptional opportunities for deep learning and engaged activism in order to support and empower all individuals in building an inclusive and compassionate society. 

In 2012, Gloria Steinem said we are “one of the most important women’s centers in the nation.” Founded at a time of rampant (and perfectly legal) gender-based discrimination, the individuals who worked tirelessly to address issues of gender equity at the University of Idaho risked their relationships, reputations and careers to do what was right and to lead the campaign that resulted in the establishment of the Women’s Center.

Our 50th anniversary is approaching this fall, and we want YOU to be a part of those celebrations. We’re excited to unveil our plans for a spectacular series of commemorative programs and activities, but we need your help! The cost of the events we’re planning will significantly exceed our limited financial means.

Please join us in our efforts to honor and celebrate the important work of generations of feminist activists and community organizers by contributing to our 50th anniversary fundraising efforts. Your donation of any size means the world to us and will allow us to host a series of exceptional events to both honor the legacy of those who came before us and inspire generations of future gender justice activists.

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